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Both actor Adam Cunis and London Voiceover have been fantastic for our projects.A super-friendly and accommodating group that serve to make a producer’s work smoother.This fantasy adaptation isn't explicitly trying to explore the immigrant experience, but that theme is rooted in the story's DNA; Gaiman has been open that he tapped into his experience as a Brit moving to the United States in his novel.

Fuller and Green dress the world of American Gods with Gaiman's colorful characters, including the simmering Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) and the vaping, terrifying Technical Boy (Bruce Langley). What he doesn't know is he is caught in the middle of an age-old battle.

She then moved to the Romania's capital, Bucharest and worked as a News Presenter for 3 years.

Her big break came in 2012, when she started working as weather presenter and voice over for Romania TV, the second biggest news station in the country. Manchester Voiceover works with only the finest talent.

As intriguing as the main storyline in the kick-off to this eight-episode season is, the real strength is the "Coming to America/Somewhere in America" vignettes that occur at the beginning and middle of each episode of the series.

(Disclaimer: I've seen the first four episodes of Season 1.) Each details a different god's journey arriving or living in America.